Audio Mixer: Samson SM10

I need a 1U mixer to combine the audio outputs from three PC’s and three radios. At this point it looks like the obvious choice is the Samson SM10.  With 8 stereo, plus 2 mono line inputs this mixer fits the bill perfectly.

The Flex 5000 has a balanced line input, as does the Flex 6700, so  I’ll run a balanced line to each radio. This will allow audio from the PC’s and/or radios to be played back over the air. The effects send will be used to supply audio to the input of the Dark Ice Live Audio Streamer (running on the Ubuntu server). Web users will be able to stream live audio from any device in the shack that I choose.

The PRO-2500 Power Strip has to move to make room for the SM10 mixer

I will move the Monster Power PRO 2500 to the rear rack rails, and use that space for the SM10 mixer. I need to have the mixer in that rack position more than I do the two electrical outlets. This should be the last move before the new equipment is added and the station is finally complete. (XYL laughing in the background)

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