5G $MOBILE +11,010.94 (1,413,670.23) #cellularsummer [DAY: 100]

Helium 5G MOBILE Genesis tokens continue to stack up. Today marked 100 days of MOBILE Genesis.

How long will Genesis last, and what value will be assigned to the tokens? We still have a lot to look forward to!

10x Bandwidth Improvement

I had the same internet plan since first having the fiber service installed back in 2004. The 50Mbps speed was never an issue for browsing and common everyday ‘household’ use.

After installing the 5G CBRS Small Cell, the Helium network began providing speed test results, in an effort to develop coverage data etc. When the speed tests first began, small cell operators were notified that the results were not yet affecting rewards scale, but would, at some time in the future.

My speed tests were failing, as the minimum acceptable speed is 100Mbps, and (as you can see above) I barely had half that speed. I waited and watched, and without announcing any date for the reduction in rewards scaling to take effect, it took place, and I was caught short for a while. So, for about a week, I received only half as many MOBILE token rewards. Once I saw the degradation was in place, I ordered the 500/500Mbps and it took a week to install.

The full rewards scale was restored immediately as the 500Mbps service came online.

So here we are on day 100 of Helium 5G Genesis. No end in sight for the Genesis period at this point. I search for an end date everyday. Keep those tokens flowing!

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