Remote Operation via SmartLink™

Upgrading To SmartSDR v2.x

I upgraded the FlexRadio 6300 by installing a v2.x software license. This is a major upgrade from the previous version, and several very useful features have been added. Among the many improvements to SmartSDR is the addition of SmartLink which enables remote operation of the station from anywhere via the internet. Remote operation via SmartLink™ is beginning to become popular among amateur radio operators as more stations are heard operating remote on a daily basis.

SmartLink™ Overview

From the FlexRadio website:

Use SmartLink™ to operate your Flex 6000 Series radio with a computer running SmartSDR for Windows Version 2 connected to the Internet from a remote location. SmartLink provides authenticated, secure access to the radio over the Internet at effective data transfer speeds.

Easy Installation

The entire upgrade process went smoothly. As best I can tell, since I don’t have a means to test it today. All indications say the installation and registration process was successful.

Remote Operation via SmartLink™

SmartLink™ was the last bit needed to complete the overall station software configuration. While rebuilding the shack during the Rack Mount Project, I also implemented hardware automation. Now that all the hardware is fully automated, true, hands-off remote operation is finally possible. Prior to automation it made little sense to invest in remote operation. But as the Flex software advances so does the state of the art!

While I don’t have any immediate plans for remote operation via SmartLink™, after testing is complete, my next vacation will include some time spent working remotely. Have Maestro, will travel!

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