Geochron Digital 4K UHD

Geochron Digital 4K UHD

I am very happy with the latest addition to the shack! The world famous Geochron Digital 4K UHD clock. I plan to utilize the Geochron as a tool in learning how to work grey line propagation.

The digital version is a fraction of the price of the mechanical model, so I saw no reason to delay any further! $399 at my time of purchase.

I have it connected to my LG 32″ 4K monitor via HDMI and it looks amazing!

Geochron Digital 4K UHD
Geochron Digital 4K UHD

Geochron will show me everything I need to know to learn and work the grey line. I need contacts in zones 23 and 34 to complete WAZ on 20m and the Geochron is going to help get me there.

Geochron Digital 4K UHD @ K6HR
Geochron Digital 4K UHD @ K6HR

I intend to add a second, identical LG 4K monitor that will be dedicated to use with the Geochron. Of course I’m using the Amateur Radio map overlay, and have the Geochron connected to the internet via wifi for updates.

highly recommended

The Geochron is a compliment to any shack big or small. If you’re serious about chasing DX, the Geochron is a very useful tool.

From the Geochron website:

The Geochron Digital 4k UHD gives viewers beautiful displays of the Earth with the sunrise-sunset rendered in real-time through a small computer that plugs directly in to your TV via HDMI.  The size of your display is only limited by the size of your TV, as you take in the terrestrial movement of the Earth’s orbit in sync with the Sun.

The Geochron Digital 4k UHD displays a full-featured Geochron World Clock on any 4k TV, with every mapset and lighting option available in our famous mechanical clock but at a fraction of the cost. Now in the digital format, users customize markers on the map, and recieve (with internet) real time updates.

  • Lifetime updates for five mapsets.
    • Live location of the International Space Station, updated every 15 seconds.
    • High Speed demonstration mode. One year in 15 seconds!
    • Eight Locations Pins with custom text names you can place anywhere on the map.
    • Static Overlays, showing:
      • Earth at Night
      • Major shipping routes (as of 05/2018)
      • Major flight routes (as of 05/2018)
      • Carbon Monoxide Pollution (new! as of 06/2018)
    • Digital Accuracy, and on-the-fly time adjustments to local time zones.

Multiple Views on the World in Real Time

With our easy-to-use on-screen menu, this Geochron has every mapset available: Earth Human, Earth Oceanic,  Earth Topographical, a simple low resolution Geopolitical, and Ham Radio. Every map can be layered with humanity’s lights in the night, as seen from space.

Watch the sun rise over special locations, and mark them with customizable location pins. See the human expanse over the continents with lights reaching into the night.

Easy Setup

Although the algorithms behind the dynamic display are complex, the Geochron Digital 4k UHD is ready to go out of the box.  It’s easy to set up and use with the provided remote control, and – with an internet connection – includes time and date configuration, firmware updates, and map updates.

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