Flex 6700 Frequency Drifting!

The Last Thing I Expected!

Last night I started setting up WSJT-X to get FT8 up and running. After some time spent sorting out the missing “DAX Audio TX” device, it looked like the software was configured correctly. I’ve setup WSJT-X before and the installation has always been straightforward. Rig control and audio both connected OK. However, it could not decode a single bit. This is odd, since I’ve never had any problems with WSJT before, and this was a routine install of the current version. I installed the Meinberg NTP suite to make sure it was not a time problem. After zooming in on the panadapter I noticed the Flex 6700 frequency drifting!

Flex 6700 Frequency Drift
Flex 6700 Frequency Drift

I submitted a Help Desk ticket and was immediately contacted by Eric at Flex. Hopefully this can be taken care of quickly.  It may not be typical Flex response time, but the last radio I sent to Flex for service was completed in one day!

From what I’ve read in the FRS Community postings, the radio will likely have to be sent to Flex for a hardware repair.

A Lapse in Ethical Transparency…

I suspect the previous owner knew about this drifting problem. Since it was still under warranty, he chose to remain silent about it. Of course, I transferred the warranty as soon as my payment for the radio cleared, so I’m covered until the middle of next year. The fact that it was still under warranty (which I verified ahead of time) was the ONLY reason I bought this radio privately. I was prepared to purchase a Certified Pre-Owned unit from Flex, before I saw this one for more than $1,000 less with warranty remaining. It was an easy decision.

I’m considering the purchase of a 10 Mhz reference oscillator, and I’m in the research process ‘as we speak’. I’m not sure yet how necessary it is that I have one, but I could have all three of my Flex radios 5000/6500/6700 GPSDO locked. A GPSDO reference would probably be overkill at K6HR.

Low Cost GPSDO from China
This modified Trimble GPS features 3 10Mhz Sinusoidal Outputs

We’ll see how this turns out. I have complete confidence in Flex based on all my prior dealings with them.

UPDATE: The 6700 needs to go back to Flex for oscillator replacement. I’ll ship it back on Monday 11/5 once I return from vacation.

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