Hepa Filter: Worth The Investment!

The hepa filter light came on to indicate it was time to clean/replace the filter. I took it outside to clean the outer carbon ‘pre-filter’ and was very happy to see this hepa filter is doing it’s job!

Heavy Duty HEPA Filter

Highly recommended! I had a really bad dust problem in the shack. So bad in fact, that I had to purchase a high power filter to at least try to combat the dust. I needed a heavy duty filter for a heavy duty dust problem. I purchased a filter rated for a much bigger area than that of the shack, to ensure I would obtain the best result.

The indicator light came on, and the pre-filter had a tremendous amount of dust collected. I must say I am really impressed. To think that all that dust would have been in the shack! Just looking around, the shack is MUCH cleaner!

I intend to keep one of these filters running 24/7 in the shack.

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