Installing Another Countertop In The Shack

Time to finish the other half of the shack!

The operating positions in the shack are complete. Now it’s time to address the other half of the room which has remained empty up until this point. I need additional countertop space to do repair work etc.

K6HR New Countertop
This space: Soon to be home to a 5ft by 5ft by 2ft “L Shaped” laminate countertop workbench

Simple Countertop Setup

The new countertop will provide some much needed work space in the shack. I plan to use it mainly as a workbench. The layout will be a ‘mirror image’ of the original existing countertop. (shown below)

Today I purchased two 6 foot (L&R miter) laminate countertops and two additional 26″ high file cabinets to use as supports for the desktop. I will have to trim both pieces to fit. This time, instead of using the armstrong method, I splurged, and purchased an electric jigsaw.

Another countertop in the opposite corner just like this one

The proposed ‘wrap around’ desktop will have openings at the closet door and at the entrance doors. I’ll be replacing the recliner with an executive chair. The new high back chair will be rolling on a glass mat, so it will be smooth and reduce dust from the carpet. By my measurements, there will be plenty of room to move around.

I’ll finally be able to set up my soldering station, PanaVise, magnifier, and other tools in an organized fashion.

All the parts have been ordered and this project should be complete by next weekend.

UPDATE: One must have a proper chair!

Merax Chair
Merax Racing Chair: No more recliners in the radio room.

The chair has been delivered and assembled. One of the arms is a little wobbly and the bolt cannot be tightened any further, but I can live with it. The chair is pretty darn comfortable! Can you guess my favorite color?

Tomorrow, Friday 6/7 the remaining items will be delivered and I expect to have it all installed before dinner!

UPDATE: Countertop Install Complete

Trimmed to fit, miter joint nice and tight!
Pleanty of room for test equipment
The K6HR Operating Position

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