I’ve Decided, It’s a FlexRadio 6700…

After careful consideration I’ve decided to purchase the FlexRadio 6700.

It came down to several things:

  • RX comparison between Flexradio 6600/6700 nearly identical
  • 6700 only 3.5″ in height
  • 8 panadapters vs. 4 on the 6600
  • Contest BPF not enough reason for a 6600
  • 6600 mic connector on rear

I’m convinced the receivers in both radios “are close enough for jazz”, in that the RX specs are virtually identical. The 3.5″ height means I can remove this shelf and fit the 6300,  6700, and an  LP-500.

FlexRadio 6700 will reside here...
I’ll remove this shelf to make room for the 6700 and the new LP-500 Station Monitor

Comparisons also show that the 6700 is better suited for satellite work, should I ever decide to move SAT operation off the Flex 5000. Investing in a 6600 also meant the LP-500 would not fit. I was able to engineer a clamp-on shelf for the LP-500, but I would much rather have it in the rack.

I noticed the Flex website has announced that the 6600’s are shipping. This may cause a drop in the price of the FlexRadio 6700. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

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