LG Multi Monitor Setup

lg multi monitor setup
LG Monitor Setup finally in place!

LG Multi Monitor setup

The LG displays arrived last week. I was finally able to set some time aside to complete the LG multi monitor setup. The only hitch was the Ergotron Arm. I ordered the same model has my existing Ergotron Arm only to find out they replaced the metal pivot point with a plastic one, and, the maximum height adjustment is about two inches lower. So my monitor setup may not be perfectly symmetrical. Grrrrr. I’ll probably insert a spacer between the base of the Ergotron and the desktop to give me the extra height.

Spacer Solution

lg multi monitor setup
Ugly, but out of sight “behind the scenes”. Adds 1.5 inches to display height.

I put two 1.5″ wood blocks under the Ergotron base in order to regain the difference in height. It’s not pretty, but it is out of sight behind the panels so I’m not too bothered. Now that I can match the panel heights on both sides of the rack, the arrangement is finalized.

After some clean up I’ll take the “Official Portrait” for the main page.

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