Numark Production Hub

Numark Production Hub

I came across the Numark Production Hub today and decided this was something I could use to solve a few issues.

  • Power outlets are needed on the desktop
  • A USB hub is needed for the W7 PC
  • A high current USB charging port is needed

The Numark Production Hub is an AC outlet strip with a USB hub built-in. The “production” moniker is a marketing buzz word aimed at today’s audience of young “producers”. Hi Hi!

In order to make room for the Samson SM10 audio mixer, I had the move the 1U Monster Power PRO-2500 to the rear of the rack, which cost me two AC courtesy outlets.

Moved to the rear rack rails
Monster PRO 2500 was moved to the rear rack rails in favor of the SM10 mixer

Additionally, The Windows 7 PC only has two USB ports on the front, and they are not enough by a long shot.

AC Power with USB Hub
Numark Production Hub

I also like the fact that Numark mounted the AC sockets at two angles to allow insertion of “wall warts”.


The high current charging port sealed the deal
4 USB Ports and a 2.1 amp USB charging port

Even though the sockets appear at a different angle in the close up, they are indeed mounted as shown in the top photo. The deciding factor for me on this purchase was the 2.1 amp charging port. I have some 2200mah batteries in the shack that should charge much quicker on this port than they currently charge using the PC USB port.

We’ll see how it holds up to RF. If it is susceptible, and ferrites don’t help, I’ll return it. All in all, the Numark Production Hub fits the bill in this case.