AT-AUTO Arrived and Installed – 022018

The AT-AUTO arrived safe and sound in spite of a loose packing job. By the time the box arrived it was all “rounded out”. This is what happens when you use a light gauge box for a heavy item, and the item is ‘loose’ inside. Yep, you guessed it…the box was full of styrofoam ‘peanuts’. Hey, it was a happy ending, the tuner works as expected so far. There are a couple of cosmetic differences that I imagine have to do with the different production runs. Overall I am happy with this purchase. More info available at the Kessler Engineering website.

AT-AUTO Data Cable

The data cable was scheduled to arrive today, but did not. So I say ‘so far’ because I could not test the data port tonight, but I’m sure it won’t be a problem. The coax cables arrived on time because the eBay seller shipped them on Saturday! Hat’s off to “WifiExpert” on ebay! Highly recommended!

AT-AUTO tuners provide near perfect matches
Palstar AT-AUTO – The perfect tuning solution for my shack!

The AT-AUTO was one of the last pieces I needed to complete my 2018 station overhaul. I now have near perfect SWR everywhere. The Expert 1K-FA is a great amp, but the internal tuner only matches up to 3:1 SWR. I had issues with antennas being out of range of the 1K-FA internal tuner, and resolved ALL issues via the AT-AUTO.

Fully Automatic Tuning – QRO

I cleared the memory and trained the tuner on all bands, then did the same with the tuner in the amp. The result is a perfect match on any frequency, on any antenna, and tuning is fully automatic! I’m very happy to have this in place for the ARRL contest.

The AT-AUTO ‘s will follow the active TX slice on the radio, and enable the operator to concentrate on the work, and not be concerned with making errors when changing bands etc.

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