Gigabit Switch

10/100:  Too Slow to Rock N Roll

My files are getting bigger, disk image back-ups are accumulating, and big file transfers between machines take forever. It’s time for a gigabit switch.

Gigabit Switch

I’m researching a couple of simple unmanaged devices. The Netgear GS108 and the TP-LINK TL-SG108PE both look like inexpensive solutions. The little 10/100 router I have now was never qualified to handle the data requirements of the entire shack, it was intended for temporary use only.

In addition to moving disk images around, I also have a couple of Flex radios running, an Apache Web Server, JNOS BBS, and whatever family hardware that might be running. The gigabit switch is a necessity even more so now that I will be adding a Flex 6500.

Managed or Unmanaged…

I’ve just started looking at these devices, and have not yet ruled out a managed switch. The family devices will move over to the little router, and all the shack hardware will talk over the gigabit switch. I also plan to look at a couple of 16 port managed switches. If the numbers are in line, I may get the 16 port and have some gigabit breathing room.

And the winner is…

A price driven decision aka ‘an offer I couldn’t refuse’ popped up on eBay last night:

NETGEAR GS108 Gigabit Switch
NETGEAR GS108 Gigabit Switch

Purchased for peanuts!

GS108 Arrived Today! Gigabit Holiday Lights!
GS108 Arrived Today! Gigabit Holiday Lights!

A BIG Improvement! There will be far less thumb twiddling in the shack going forward…

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