Tennadyne TD-SS90

Under Consideration: Tennadyne TD-SS90

Since installing the Flex 6700 and 6500 transceivers I’ve come to appreciate the amazing low noise RX these two radios provide. Further, I’ve been listening on an RX Only Magnetic Loop antenna vs. my ‘height compromised 130 ft Dipole’ antenna, and needless to say, the noise difference between them is incredible. (as can be seen and heard here) Now if only I could find a wideband, high power, TX antenna that was quiet on RX. Possibility: Tennadyne TD-SS90

Tennadyne TD-SS90 may be my QRO wideband TX solution

High power handling, low noise, 1.8 to 30 mhz coverage, and perhaps most importantly, only 90 feet long!

Tennadyne TD-SS90 easy to install

My ‘130 ft height compromised dipole’ never fit my property. It is way too long. I have one side of it draped over the roof, and only 20 ft high at the apex. It’s too low and too long, performs relatively poorly, and is a very noisy RX antenna. Sure, I made plenty of DX contacts using it, but I have to wonder what it’s been missing buried in the noise.

There were 5 online reviews of the older model TD-90, and 4 of them praised its low noise RX, which immediately caught my attention.

Max Gain Systems: 38 ft Push-Up Mast

I bought one of these push-up masts and had it up for 12 years in the Southern California sun with no problems whatsoever. I eventually took it down to make a crossboom for my LEO Pack, and for some other projects. I plan to purchase another one for this installation if all the measurements work out.

Will It Fit?

Of course before I buy anything I need to get outside and take some measurements. I ran a few ‘triangle’ calculations and it looks like a possible fit. The ends will be East and West (broadside North and South) as I have no other options. This is the same general direction as the existing dipole.

A bit more research is required, but I’m leaning heavily in this direction tonight!

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