IRLP Node 3689

Nano-Node SE Online Today As IRLP Node 3689


The NANO-SE arrived today. All I needed to do was add some port forwarding rules into my router, enter my LAT/LON, and the IRLP node 3689 was up and running, just a few minutes after taking it out of the box!

Well, That Was Easy…

I read through the manual ahead of time, and everything seemed fairly straightforward. The configuration menus make adding additional info into the node very easy.

Connected to WinSystem reflector 9100
Connected to the WinSystem reflector 9100

The WinSystem was a sure bet to hear something during testing. So I made a quick call there to make sure everything was working. I got a quick response saying my audio was OK etc. (a good signal report) There’s a lot to listen to. I’m going through all the listings for net times etc. Sould be a lot of fun.

From The Website

Introducing the first complete ECHO/IRLP Node Computer in an ultra small package measuring just 5”(127mm)W x 3”(76mm)L x 1.7”(43mm)H. The unit comes complete with the ECHO/IRLP/Debian Operating system pre-installed with node number assigned (new or existing). “Just Plug And Play” . No Knowledge Of Linux Required .

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