RAK v2 miner replacement arrives: Kerlink Wirnet iFemtoCell 915

Backordered since 5/3/21

I received another email from the folks at Cal-Chip Connect asking if I would be willing to accept a substitute miner in place of the RAK v2 I had on backorder. When they offered this option several months ago, I passed on it. But not this time!

Today I received the Kerlink HotSpot Miner. Just a few days after signing the swap agreement.

Kerlink iFemtoCell HotSpot
HNT Miner

I have a location for the new miner (my second) in Lancaster CA where the hex only has 1 other hotspot. This is interesting, as I can expect a much higher Transmit Scale than I have on my miner here in the shack.

My ‘home’ hex now has 5 miners in it, and the miner only has a .32 transmit scale. I anticipate an improved transmit scale once I’m up and running in Lancaster.

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