Saturday Progress Report

I got started early today and got a lot accomplished. Here’s the Saturday progress report:

  • Placed parts order for 1ft jumpers (due 1/20)
  • Removed 4 monitors and cleared desktop
  • Cleared under desk area
  • Sorted all cabling, tools, and parts
Saturday progress report
Cleared the desktop!

At this point the rack is more or less electrically complete pending the installation of two more jumpers that are scheduled to arrive Tuesday. Initial testing shows everything is working as expected. Before I can move the rack into the TX test position (an area next to the desk where all the antenna coax cables can reach) I will have to split the desktop in the corner where the two pieces meet, and temporarily remove the section on the left along with the 46″ monitor and arm.

I currently have only the loop antenna connected as the antenna coax leads don’t reach the rack while it’s still in the ‘construction’ position. If all goes as planned I should be back on the air sometime next weekend.

What remains to be done:

  • Rearrange the antenna order on RF Panel #2
  • Install remaining jumpers
  • Install Secondary UPS Backup
  • Ground Bar and SPG leads
  • Satellite EL Rotor DB9 quick disconnect
  • AF output panel
  • Remove closet doors
  • Remove 46″ monitor and Ergotron Arm
  • Split desktop to accommodate rack
  • High Power testing
  • All remaining Snap-On ferrites
  • Reinstall all peripheral/office items

This wraps up the Saturday progress report

Back To The Front

Now That’s What I Call A Snap On Ferrite!

Now That’s What I Call a Ferrite!

The DX Engineering order arrived today, and I was delighted to see the new and improved .5” id Mix 31 snap on ferrite!

First DXE Ferrite (L) vs. New DXE Snap On Ferrite (R)
First DXE Ferrite (L) vs. New DXE Snap On Ferrite (R)

Apparently the buyers at DXE are always looking for better deals on better materials. This is a prime example. Pictured on the left is a sample of the .5″ id mix 31 ferrite that I received in my first order from DXE, on the right, is the new version received today. Both are pictured on LMR-400 coax.

DX Engineering .5 id Mix 31 Snap On Ferrite
DX Engineering .5 id Mix 31 Snap On Ferrite

Mix 31 snap on ferrites are a must have to keep the equipment rack free of stray RF. All the new 2018 RF Hardware Upgrades will be interconnected using LMR-400 UF coax jumpers with these snap on ferrites on each end.

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