K6HR Analog SSTV Slideshow

My first ever SSTV RX image! de W5NOO July 24, 1995
My first ever SSTV RX image! de W5NOO July 24, 1995

My first SSTV RX image was copied in 1995. Since 2002 my 24/7 SSTV Webcam has received and saved over 57,000 SSTV images via HF/VHF. The analog images were received on 14.230 and the digital images were received on 14.233 mhz. Others were received via a local FM repeater.

24/7 SSTV Webcam Since 1995

I save images that are clear and/or entertaining, or interesting to me in some way. If you’ve sent an SSTV image in the past 23 years or so, and I copied it, it’s included in this slideshow! If you see an image of one of your QSO’s that you need or want, please copy the filename and email me .

For software I use MMSSTV, EasyPal, and the KE5RS FTP Widget.

I installed the WP Photo Album Plus plugin today and was able to get the slideshow created in minutes. As I learn more about the plugin I will customize the photo album a bit more. Enjoy these archival images from my 24/7 SSTV Webcam.

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