D-STAR Hot Spot

D-STAR Hot Spot

Today I configured and installed the “ZUMSpot”. The ZumSpot is a pre-packaged Raspberry Pi Zero UHF Wireless multimode hot spot running the Pi-Star Digital Voice Dashboard. This is a Multi-Mode Hot Spot that supports several digital modes. K6HR will be setup specifically for D-STAR. My own personal D-STAR Hot Spot!

ZumSpot Pi-Zero Multimode UHF Hot Spot @ K6HR

I’m certainly no D-STAR expert, more like a D-STAR noob. So I went to the setup video and followed along. This video made setting up the Pi-Star software and Kenwood TH-D74 a relatively easy task.

From the web:

ZUMspot Kit Features:

  • High performance 32-bit ARM processor
  • ZUMspot Board Fully Assembled And Tested
  • Supports DMR, P-25, D-Star, System Fusion and NXDN
  • Onboard LEDs to show status (Tx, Rx, PTT, Mode)
  • Up to 10mW RF power
  • SMA antenna connector, UHF antenna included
  • Mounts cleanly on all current Raspberry Pi’s including the Pi Zero WH
  • Works on ODROID boards
  • The firmware is pre-loaded and is easily upgraded via software.
  • Connections for Nextion LCD display and I2C displays
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Open source firmware (MMDVM) and board design
  • Open source 3D printable case available
  • 144 MHz, 220MHz and 900MHz versions to be released at a later date

The ZUMspot Kit Package Includes:

  • ZUMspot Pi UHF Board
  • Pi Zero WH (Wireless With Header)
  • UHF Antenna
  • Nylon Standoffs
  • Pre-Imaged 16 GB MicroSD Card with Pi-Star Software
D-STAR Hot Spot
Pi-Star up and running at K6HR as a D-STAR Hot Spot
D-STAR Hot Spot
Kenwood TH-D74 linked to the ZUMSpot UHF hot spot!

I quickly realized I would not have the ability to change reflectors via local repeaters, so I decided on the hot spot. Now I will be able to connect to reflectors directly. Since I have no D-STAR experience whatsoever, I’ll spend some time listening around first.

I’m certain everything is configured correctly, however on my first night of D-STAR…there was nothing heard on REF030C. I’m sure it will be active during the daytime hours! Hi!

UPDATE: It works! With the help of Toshen, KE0FHS, I was able to find an omission in my D-STAR registration details. After making the correction everything started working. I expect D-STAR will be very interesting! I may even consider other digital mode radios, since the Pi Zero is multimode.

This is a wickedly cool little device! Hats off to the Pi-Star bunch!

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