K&M 16080 Headphone Holder

A Safe Way To Store Your Headset / Phones

Headphone Holder
Way cool headset holder!

Studio Headphone Holder for the Ham Shack

I stumbled across this nifty headphone holder while browsing. I’ve had problems in the past with headsets falling to the floor and getting broken due to improper storage. Konig & Meyer usually has decent build quality, so I gave them a try.

Headphone Holder
Heil Pro Set Elite properly stored!

Of Course, I Need Two Headphone Holders…

Dual Headset Holders
Dual Headset Holders!

A simple solution to a longtime issue. The yokes on the headsets break easily when dropped. I’ve already had to repair both of my headsets. I’m confident in the KM 16080 solution.

A holder for headphones when not in use. The new headphone holder is simply clamped to the tubes of a music stand or microphone stand, etc. and is generally suitable for a tube diameter max. 30 mm. The soft rubber support can easily take two sets of headphones. In addition, 2 in-ear headphones can also be hung on the slotted front of the holder. The headphones are close to hand and out of harm’s way.

Screw-on to:tube diameter up to 30 mm
Size when folded:60 x 70 x 180 mm
Special features:for up to 2 standard headphones and 2 In-Ear headphones
Support depth:60 mm
Support width:100 mm
Weight:0.185 kg

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