Chip-Off Data Recovery

Mastering the ACELab PC-3000 Flash

PC-3000 Flash
Unboxing the PC-3000 Flash!

The highly anticipated PC-3000 Flash has arrived!

I originally planned to purchase a similar tool named “Flash Extractor”. I waited for two months, but could not get an ETA. All I received were short email replies like “try again in two months” so I decided to go with the ACELab PC-3000 instead.

ACELAb is the leader in data recovery hardware and software systems. With this tool I will be able to recover and reassemble data from the NAND chips on failed Flash Media Devices. The PC3K includes sockets and adapters for the most common NAND packages. TSOP-48, BGA152, LGA/TLGA-52/60 and several other adapter boards. The accompanying software simulates the flash media controller (the most commonly failed component), and allows the technician to ‘reassemble’ the data stored on the NAND back into a user readable form. The learning curve is steep. And skills need to be developed!

PC-3000 World Class Flash Data Recovery

Flash Devices-800x600
USB Flash Drives and 8GB SD Card samples based on the TSOP-48 package.

I’ve ordered a batch of USB Flash drives. Different manufacturers and capacities. It was suggested I purchase USB 2.0 and 3.0 drives with capacities between 4-16GB. It was also suggested I fill the drives to 70-90% capacity, and look for controllers from PS, AU, SM, and IS for starters.

I jumped into this endeavor with both feet. I setup a bench in the shack with a hot air rework station (for chip-off recovery) and some other high-tech data recovery hardware for working with Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Drives. The PC-3000 supports recovery from many different types of media:

  1. UFD (USB Flash Drive)
  2. SD (Secure Digital Card)
  3. CF (Compact Flash)
  4. micro SD (micro Secure Digital Card)
  5. MS (Memory Stick)
  6. xD
  7. Monolithic Flash Devices
  8. MMC (Multi Media Card)
  9. Voice Recorder (dictaphone)
  10. iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS (without hardware encryption)

Getting Started on the Samples

I hit the Sample jackpot on eBay! For Parts or Not Working! Perfect!

I have plenty of “cases” to solve now! Hi Hi!

I bought 17 used USB Flash Drives and 40 used Memory Cards of different types! The best $30 I’ve spent this week! It’s time to get to work!

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